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72006 – Mil Mi-24RKhR Hind-G1 (NBC) Exterior

Heliborne Mil Mi-24RKhR Hind-G1 (NBC) Exterior 72006 for plastic kits: Italeri #014, Zvezda #7213

  Key features: 
· precision surface of air conditioner intake
· raised screw caps on both "claw" parts
· engraved rivets on the equipment pod
· clear vacuformed glazing (easy cut-in-size required)

The set contains 9 parts of 7 types:
  1. air conditioner intake
  2. equipment pod
  3. excavator (x2)
  4. hydraulic bay (x2)
  5. starboard door
  6. starboard door glazing
  7. chaff dispenser
Pictorial instruction included. Supplied in a box of our own original design.

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