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48007 – Kamov Ka-50 Hokum Cockpit Detail

Heliborne Kamov Ka-50 Hokum Cockpit Detail 48007 for plastic kits: Italeri #845, Revell #04445

  Key features: 
· painting mask for canopy included
· detailed rocket engine of escape system
· fine texture belts on K-37 seat
· visor reduces the gap between canopy and fuselage

The set contains 19 parts of 17 types:
  1. port side panel
  2. starboard side panel
  3. collective pitch control lever
  4. floor and instrument panel
  5. bulkhead
  6. fan cooler
  7. windscreen wiper motor
  8. starboard side emergency escape hatch
  9. rear view mirror (x2)
  10. handle (x2)
  11. ceiling
  12. port side door-hinge / support frame
  13. door
  14. cyclic pitch control column
  15. K-37 ejection seat
  16. ejection seat handles
  17. main instrument panel visor
Pictorial instruction included. Supplied in a box of our own original design. Additional styrene tube protects thin parts from damage inside the box.

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