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35006 – Mil Mi-24RKhR Hind-G1 (NBC) Exterior

Heliborne Mil Mi-24RKhR Hind-G1 (NBC) Exterior 35006 for plastic kit: Trumpeter #05103

  Key features: 
· precision surface of air conditioner intake
· engraved rivets as at plastic model
· raised screw caps on both "claw" parts
· hexagonal shape of main nuts at hydraulic bays
· U-shaped watershield above hatches
· clear vacuformed glazing (easy cut-in-size required)
· precision shape of new tail skid without radomes

The set contains 13 parts of 11 types:
  1. air conditioner intake
  2. equipment pod (inner part)
  3. equipment pod (outer part)
  4. excavator (x2)
  5. hydraulic bay (x2)
  6. starboard door
  7. starboard door glazing
  8. skid
  9. bumper
  10. skid strut
  11. chaff dispenser
Pictorial instruction included. Supplied in a box of our own original design.

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